Gain control of Absalom through political manipulation and intrigue.

Since the Age of Enthronement, no nation in the Inner Sea has had as wide-reaching and influential an empire as the kingdom of Taldor. Sadly, decadence and overconfidence led to the empire’s relatively swift decline centuries ago, as vassal after vassal broke free from the crown. Despite its waning influence worldwide and constant internal political strife, Taldor is one of the five nations most strategically poised to take control of Absalom from within. Using the same tactics of espionage, sabotage, blackmail, and deception employed by Taldan nobility for millennia, agents of this political faction hope to manipulate the nobility and citizenry of Absalom to recognize the nation’s rightful place as the natural ruler of humankind throughout the region.

Faction Leader

Lady Gloriana Morilla, a full-figured, splendidly dressed Taldan woman of Absalom’s most influential Taldan house, has recently taken control of her nation’s ongoing efforts to gain control of the City at the Center of the World. After several years under the flagging leadership of Baron Jacquo Dalsine resulted in Taldor losing more influence than it gained, Lady Gloriana has learned from his mistakes. With a pragmatic eye, Lady Gloriana knows that Taldor cannot simply rest on its perceived laurels and pretend to be the empire it once was, all the while allowing more of its mighty influence to slip away. Despite her increasingly realistic approach to the shadow war for Absalom, the Taldan noblewoman never goes anywhere without looking her best, and enjoys the social benefits her station grants, if only to hear firsthand the juiciest gossip among her rival nations’ elite.

The Taldan Pathfinder

Pathfinders allied with the Taldan cause often hail from the nation itself, though sometimes foreign agents find themselves working for the empire because they share the modus operandi of using courtly intrigue to their own advantage. While many Taldan natives in the faction claim some noble blood, just as many come from the nation’s poorer classes and hope that if they increase their nation’s influence in the Inner Sea region, some of the inevitable prosperity will trickle down to them and their families. Pathfinder allies of Taldor should be willing to spy, coerce, blackmail, cheat, lie, and publicly humiliate their enemies. Most Taldor Faction Pathfinders are neutral-aligned.

Gaining Fame

While her predecessor often sent Pathfinders on missions to recover opulent art to decorate his many palaces and manors, Lady Gloriana knows that Taldor must reclaim its position as the bastion of humanity through constant vigilance. Pathfinders in her employ should be skilled at the arts of deception, misdirection, and stealth, while also knowing how to navigate Absalom’s complex aristocratic landscape. Those with the ability to speak honeyed words to a rival noble while simultaneously pilfering damning documents from his satchel will go far.


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