Paracountess Zarta Dralneen

Cheliax Faction Leader


Titles: Paracountess
Alignment: Lawful evil
Race/Species: Human
Class: Aristocrat 4/ Bard 8
Gender: Female
Homeland: Cheliax (residing in Absalom)


Paracountess Zarta Dralneen is a beautiful Chelish woman who serves as diplomatic envoy to Absalom. Although cultured and refined, Dralneen is a master manipulator who uses her charms and diabolical power to her advantage. Her loyalties lie with House Thrune, although rumours persist that her machinations have yet to bear significant gains for her patrons and that her favour with them is slipping.

Zarta is infamous throughout the Absalom upper class for her excessive ‘parties’. It is often during these hedonistic events that Zarta uncovers secrets from her guests.

She owns several houses around Absalom but commonly resides in a three-story, gothic townhouse in the Ivy District.

Paracountess Zarta Dralneen

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