Amara Li

Lantern Lodge Venture-Captain


Titles: Venture-Captain
Alignment: Neutral
Race/Species: Human (Tian)
Class: Bard 10
Gender: Female
Organization: Pathfinder Society


Among the newest Venture-Captains of the Pathfinder Society, Amara Li originates from the bustling city of Goka. Respected for her gracefulness, poise, and cleanliness, Amara Li is also known for her perfectly executed tea ceremonies.

Rumours circulate of personal financial problems that trouble Amara, although she considers discussing such matters to be “improper” and refuses to discuss them. Gossip also suggests that her money problems have prompted her decision to increase cooperation between the Inner Sea region and Tian Xia.

She recently migrated to Absalom and now runs the Lantern Lodge in the Petal District where she advises and dispatches Pathfinders to Tian Xia. She spends much of her time in her meticulously tended garden on the property.

Amara Li

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